Serrano ham

Ok, maybe a little plug for business but why not, what do you do with 12 serrano hams prior to dispatch? Hang em high! The cave is the ideal place to keep hams for a few days or months before they set off on their long journey to northern Europe. When it comes to stock holding those little original features that were present in the cave pre-renovation have come in handy...Olive wood sticks secured firmly into the wall and hooks in the ceiling (dont ask me what else hung from them in years gone by) serrano hams would have taken pride of place as a substantial food source for the Spanish family all those years ago.

We have one piece of wood which is embedded into the cave wall just a few yards from the front door - its the only place we get a signal on the mobile phone so there it hangs..., keep those original features, once sanded down and stained with Linseed oil (8e for 500ml) they look very much in place and can prove functional.

To finish off this post have a look at this handsome feller, well looked after since day one and great with kids. Sunday afternoons are something the kids get exited about...hats on and away they go!

Thats me off for a couple of weeks, a certain reader is getting hitched (so must prepare) BBQ's must be had and whatever else happnes in between...Life in Andalucia..

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