Cave Cooking

Someone recently asked me "what do you eat in a cave?" My answer... "Stegasuarus steaks, t-rex is too expensive" Since we moved to the cave we have experimented with the Andalucian food and still do as often as we can. Gone are the days filling the shopping trolley at the local UK supermarket, the local village has a great selection.

The variety and freshness of the food on offer is astounding for such a small and rural village. The majority of villages in the area will have every type of store, most of which you cannot find anymore in the UK. I am a bit of a seafood enthusiast so the fish monger in Orce is a main stop when shopping Tuesdays and Fridays.

First up though is a lightly cured meat called Sobrasada, this is not available in the UK and is imported by a deli in Huescar. Can be spread on toast or cooked with honey.

SEAFOOD: Reasonably priced, very fresh and always a huge selection.

One favourite - Dogfish cooked with lemon, available every week.

Tapas of all kinds can be easily whipped up in the cave kitchen, before the fillet of dinosaur try some spinach parcels stuffed with a mix of Onion, garlic, egg and herbs.

Another favourite - fresh clams and big ones! With onion, garlic, white wine and pepper with a tomatoe salsa. Very nice.

Whats your favourite tapa or Andalucian Recipe?

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    Cream said...

    You know, CR you can have tapas anywhere in the world these, even in our neck of the woods... But don't they taste so much BETTER under a Spanish sun!!!!

    cave renovator said...

    Cream: agreed! Its glorious this weekend, BBQ is on and tonight its fresh tuna steaks...

    Kate said...

    You had better check the wood first!!!!

    I had a bbq on Thurday and was very cautious picking up each log!!!!