Walking the dogs

Rising out of bed early in the morning is great in the campo (although can require some effort on occasion!) When you have canine friends with you in the cave its great just to open the door and let them run free without fear of traffic etc.

Our two beasties are German Sheperds - one a pup and the other rescued from near Malaga last year (an old boy with plenty of character..) The photo below is one of the roads I walk them down in the mornings. In the UK we had the resposibility of dog ownership to the extent of keeping them on the lead etc. To let them have a free run meant driving somewhere. Campo life here gives our dogs more freedom than we could give them back in the UK.

7.00am - can be quite chilly! Being summer though its shorts and t-shirt first up, by 9.00 am its nearly 20 degrees so why bother with jeans etc? Anyway, its a good wakeup - fresh mountain air, great views and the dogs get a good work-out.

Wouldnt swap it for the world :) For us the expanse of the campo is on the front door but such are the local villages in and around the area you wont have far to walk before letting the dogs go off and enjoy some freedom.


Atila The Nun said...

"In the UK we had the responsibility of dog ownership to the extent of keeping them on the lead"

I still do mate as I own a raving lunatic, who not only needs a lead but also a harness. Valium is another option when I walk him....not for him, for me.

I love being able to let him off his lead but on our own land as others do not keep their animals leashed nor do they attempt to leash them when they see another dog coming. I get hacked off with trying to haul him away from an unleashed dog who is trying to have a go at him. I bet my life if I let him off and he ate their dog I would be in the wrong.

Wholly agree though that the freedom you have to walk in the campo with your animals is second to none. I just need bigger muscles for my spotty lad, as he is incredibly strong. You must post some pics of your new wooftas so I can see what they look like :-)

Cream said...

CR, I have always said that I would never have a dog unless it was free to roam around on its own. You have definitely got the space and climate to do just that.
I understand why you wouldn't swap it for the world!

Kate said...

Our 4 adopted strays don't really want to do much in the day. In the evening when its dark we open up part of the fence and they go off on their own for the night (coming back every now and then).

They occasionally go for a walk into the village, when they sneak out with our guests (often going down to the local!)

DCveR said...

We've always kept our dogs up in the farm, where they can rove free all the time. Things got to the point of having one of my shepherds sulking whenever I would put him on a lead.
True I don't get to be with the dogs that often, but they sure are happier that way than they would be living in an apartment.