What lies beneath......

We have all seen the news when some poor soul wakes up in the morning to find a massive great hole where their garden used to be, in most cases its a fallen mine shaft - at least in the UK.

So your out with the dogs on a Sunday morning walking the same track as you often do only this time its different. Where the path "used" to be there is a hole - and a big one, in fact there are three holes within twenty yards of each other. Upon close and very carefull inspection its a cave.

Now then, for the past few years we have been to this area close to our own home walking the dogs every other day and no evidence of a cave was apparent. Seems like the facade fell a long time ago disguising the property until the last week the heavy rain came and some rooms fell in. The cave is probably in excess of 100 years old and with no maintainence nature has taken its course.

Not every day you find someones old house beneath the earth... Caves being caves it could be small or have a multitude of rooms, there is no chimney evident although that would be long gone. Plastered walls are evident so it has been habited at some point. Maybe one day I might investigate or maybe not! Whats under your house?

Living in cave...

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