We were sitting on the patio one night a couple of weeks ago when something caught my eye... quick as a flash something black came scooting out of the cave door with our german sheperd pup in hot pursuit. As fast as left the cave it came shooting back in again light a bolt of lightning.

Damn big mouse... with the onset of winter and declining temperatures rats and mice are looking for somewhere warmer to cause havoc. It had dug down between the plaster and floor tiles underneath one of the kitchen units so traps were laid - two weeks later, no joy.

Rodent traps come in various sizes to accommodate the intended victim with the most popular design being a simple block of wood with two holes bored and a spring loaded system - a real challenge to set as they are two traps in one, try to set one and the other goes off. Anyway we have resorted to poison (well out the way of the hounds)

Lets see what happens....

A famous Andaluz method of eradicating rodents is two small bowls or cazuelas - one with flour mixed with yeso rapido and the other with water.... effective enough if the rat is hungry.


Cream said...

Very effective, CR! I've had porridge just like that in the past.
Good luck with Ratatouille!

Emilio said...

Another effective method is to use a starving Andalucian cat.