Thanks to the Town Hall....

Our neighbours reside in Madrid and Barcelona, the cave next door is their holiday home which they visit around three times a year. Its good updating the blog because although we keep them updated on any major developments in the hamlet there is nothing like photos.

So neighbours, we have a new road!

Having a friend "on the board" at the ayuntamiento always helps from the persuasion point of view but timewise...manana, manana. The road first became a real issue back in February, after that every time it rained people got stuck - us, the local police, delivery drivers and locals. It was due to be re covered in March "next week when the weather gets better" then it was April, then May...November brought a result though - at last!

So a thanks at last to the town hall for re surfacing the road. Much better, no-one gets stuck anymore and the wheel arches dont get filled with the dreaded campo mud.


Cream said...

Better than in Valencia where they wreck your land and charge you for it.
Great rosemary lamb by the way.

MamaDuck said...

Congratulations. What a relief before winter sets in. And the fire! And the lamb! Oooooooh! Mass outbreak of Brits selling up and moving to Andalucia!