Dropping Temperatures

Many people say that high up in the Andalucian mountains there are only two seasons.. Summer and Winter. Not sure if that is entirely true but its a fact that Spring and Autumn to tend to fly by very quickly.

In mid Novemeber it isnt shorts weather (except for the odd tourist or family member over on a visit maybe) during the day though its t-shirts as in the sun the temperature is very mild indeed. Early mornings and evenings though sees frost and sub zero figures.

Lighting the fire becomes more frequent...

So does the leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary with roasted veg....

Lovely atmosphere in the cave at night times at the moment along with some mouthwatering smells and the odd sizzle coming from the wood burner.

Winter Warmers
Spanish Christmas


Kate said...

CR - my mouth is watering just thinking about that roasted lamb.

I love lighting the fire and night and snuggling down for the evening. I think the dogs do too as two of them are on the settee one is on the other chair and one on the rug in front of the fire (it's a good job I am in the office as there is no where for me to sit in the lounge)

As for the delicious smells - Ramon is cooking for me old recipe of his Grandads for pork ribs (and it is beginning to smell fab......xx

Angie said...

That fire seems so cozy! I hope our next house has a fireplace.

Your blog is looking great lately!

cave renovator said...

Cheerz Angie :)