More digging Part 2

Yeso, the cave's best friend? It took 3 bags of contralado to roughly finish this small room - a total cost of around 13 euros. On the raised floor we "aquired" some gravel from the newly laid road outside (there was plenty!)

Splashing yeso is a messy job to say the least, before applying the plaster for a rustic look which involves smearing the yeso on simply by hand the walls had to be "bound" - loose cave rock is impossible but a few buckets of yeso rapido flicked on as water which later sets produces a good foundation for applying the contralado later on (this is when you can take your time and fill in all the nooks and crannies.)

Electrics... this room needs one light switch and a socket, the socket is for (next week) For connections this time we used 3-core insulated cable. The power supply is simply for lighting and non-high usage appliances so an old UK extension coil was cut - two meters one way to reach the nearest junction box and meter and half the other way to accommodate the light fixture.

Lighting: I am no interior designer but I had two trains of thought for the light in this room. First was two traditional roof tiles but plastered in upside down in each corner to act as downlighters. The idea that is in place however is a more modern unit consisting of a stainless steel disc with two 50w halogen bulbs for more clarity and can also be directional for different parts of the...(next week!)

This weekend we should be finished, next job is paint and leveling the gravel floor. The room is certainly high enough but I hope its wide enough to accommodate its intended "feature"

Back soon!

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Krimo said...

Splashing out, eh, CR!
I love the lighting effect.