More digging....

Digging, digging and more digging. Due to a lack of space we have had to re-jig the rooms in the cave - swapping bedrooms and office space etc. It is amazing how much more functional space can be aquired by making a bedroom slightly smaller and swapping it with another room.

What we were left with was a small room that never got finished so therefore was unreformed with no electric/points etc.

Along came a plan.... the room needed carving out some more to accommodate its future contents, only by around a couple of feet so more digging ensued. From the photo below it may look like the room is being blocked up - it is but only three and a half feet up.

The floor is raised to that level, two lights and a double socket are going in next week and Mrs CR is going to town on the yeso...

Hopefully, with luck everything will become clear before Christmas.

...its not for a raised bed.

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