Scalextric - Cave Style

Well here it is! a small games room for CR Junior (and me) The room was eventually big enough for the track (11m long) we needed 3.2m x 2.1m and had just an inch either way to spare.

Now I can say I own a Ferrari...

...and an Aston Martin

Guess what the little feller was doing all day Christmas and Boxing day! of course he needed someone to race with so I managed to pull myself away from the Queens speech and give him a few laps. Definatly worth the effort digging out the room, better than a playstation and hours of entertainment. Brilliant.

Next up: Moving offices in 24 hours. Yeso, electrics, interior walls, bricks, tiles and paint (and fast)


Anonymous said...

Excellent in fact beyond excellent. Mac that was brilliant, and totally beyond my expectations. Truly a nice one mate, hope Cr Jnr enjoyed ( and u of

Van XX

Anonymous said...

I think Mike had sussed what it was going to be (and is looking forward to playing with it very soon!!) Sal x