Cave office

When you work from home a cave office is a good idea if you have the space. Transforming a room can create a huge mess but a mess is all it is - no structural work involved and no major renovations, its all interior.

So here is what we did, the master bedroom was some 25m2, nice to have a big main bedroom but nicer to have a bigger office which after all is where most our time these days is spent. So the swap was on, first we moved the big bedroom into the small office on December 22nd (a little cramped for a couple of days but... well worth the end result.

Best laid plans (which went out the window) but a guide non the less.

We also needed storage so up went a block wall on day 1 which was rendered and plastered. The beam above the door is an offcut from our summer project the pergola - it almost went into sticks for the fire but it always pays to keep such lengths of wood just in case!

Naturally there is a gap at the top of the beam so bricks, broken block and stones where hammered in to support both the wall and the roof at this point - plenty of cement and yeso rapido.

Transformations: The beam viewed from the other side is now plastered in, covered in yeso and looking tatty. Yeso can be removed from wood very easily, see through the mess and imagine a painted rustic wall and a reclaimed beam from a finca and we are in business!

Interior wall built it was time to set about the office, no fancy granite or marble tops - this was all about rustic, a rustic cave needs a rustic office. My personal preference, the last thing I wanted to create was a perfect call centre desk environment in the very room from which our business runs. So....bricks, yeso, shelves and more measuring on the way...

A real mess, working with yeso/plaster and broken bricks always is. However, it looks horrendous - a disaster in fact but a few hours later...clean as a whistle!

Next up: Finishing off, Champagne box bookcases and plastic paint

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