Adios, off back to England

Well not me, no way in hell!! There are however an increasing number of british ex-pats deciding not to be ex-pats anymore.. The law of numbers would dictate that the more people who move to the area, the more who will decide to sell up and leave.

Work tends to be a real issue in some circumstances, there isnt much opportunity about for employment so if money is something you need acheive once here its definatly worth planning way ahead, organising something up front before the big move and an absolute essential is a basic grasp of the lingo - without that getting a job will be very hard to say the least.

Sometimes the area doesnt turn out to be what people expected. Very rural, too cold in winter, mad hot in the summer and again, the lingo makes everyday tasks a challenge. Whatever the reason people return to the UK there is no substitute for planning (and lots of it)

It always amazes me, those who sell up and move lock stock - then 3 months later they are off again back to the place they left behind in the first place. Makes no sense to me at all. Everyone makes mistakes, its a fact of life but what a big mistake to make...


Naranja said...

I have unfortunately lost some friends on that account. Live in Spain for a few years, and then move back. A real shame sometimes.

Krimo said...

You're right, there, CR.
Homework has never killed anybody!

Just last night at the tapas bar, I was talking to a young couple who are going next week to look for a house on the Costa Blanca in order to move there. I just hope they've done their homework.