Shouldnt you be in bed?

Even in the winter months rural village residents still tend to have a siesta - seems like summer habits die hard! However we did catch this guy at around 4.00pm tending to his horse in the street... everywhere else was deserted. Accommodating as ever this Orce resident offered to get out of the way for the photo. Mrs CR just caught him though as he saw us.

Nobody here... even in summer the streets are deserted, nightime though the picture below would be full of colour and atmosphere. Winter is a cold and dreary season (as with everywhere else) in Orce though spirits are just the same as in the Summer season - the locals never seem to suffer from grey weather sydrome! Lively as ever in the shops come rain or shine, only difference is the odd cry of "Madre Mia, Que Frio!) same in summer mind when its "ooof Que Calor!"

Roll on Spring, no doubt we will have snow before then though...


Cream said...

I don't think I have missed more than a couple dozen siestas since the age of 18.
Definitely in the Mediterranean blood.
I really think I'd die without a siesta or power nap as the hotshots call it.

cave renovator said...

Cream: must admit a siesta is highly attractive in the summer months, not something we did in the UK but now..