More Stuff - More Storage

Since building the new office, shifting bedrooms and creating store rooms we havnt had a great deal of time to finish off some off the cosmetics we had planned for the new year. However, a free day landed and there I was clad with the most knackered pair of tracky bottoms and torn, paint covered t-shirt... Bring back the old days!

A relatively simple job that was born the evening before - CD/DVD storage, up until now all our media was stored in boxes so we decided to build a bookcase.

Tools required..very little, 4 wooden ham boxes, 12 stones from the campo and that bag of yeso that is always in stock.

Still needs a lick of paint but basicly stacked boxes, secured and wedged, plastered in with a decorative stone effect and stained.

Total cost: yeso 8e / stones free / paint 8e / ham boxes...6e each

Cheap and effective storage, nice and rustic to suit the cave bar...

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elizabethbriel said...

Hi CR,

Your DIY creativity is an inspiration to us in Hong Kong where everything seems to be prefab - or made in Chinese sweatshops.

Was just trying to login on the cave forums, but apparently I'm no longer able to (ebriel), a message says my username/password are an "invalid combination". Any ideas on how to proceed? Feel free to email me if you can help (it's in my blogger profile)