Easter Paella

Paella for 8. Easter Saturday was quite warm so presented the opportunity to make an outdoor paella. Now normally we do this on the BBQ but there were 8 people coming which naturally means you need a paella pan for at least 12!

An outdoor gas burner is a handy piece of kit, all you need is a length of gas hose and a regulator (unless you nick the reg from the gas oven like we did)

Bubbling away and nearly ready....recipe - chicken breast and pork rib paella, the best paella is when you can get your hands all messy..! Very nice and a great occasion for the family visitors and th neighbours.


Krimo said...

Paella in the sun!
Lucky yous!

Naranja said...

You can post something like that without leaving the recipe for your paella!

Looks yummy. I have yet to cook a paella myself, but I guess that is what happens when you live with a vegetarian.

Btw. I have added your blog to my blog roll and would appreciate if you would reciprocate.

cave renovator said...

Krimo: Aye its a hard life!!!!!

Naranja: it was nice under the sun with friends etc and a few drinks, have seen your site on the blogsphere before - no probs with the link.