Cave Living Andalucia 2

 2005 ~ 2010

Well, the cave renovations are long over although after this years rain I fear an imminent relationship with that savour of all cave building materials ~ "yeso" Welcome to Cave Living Andalucia 2, ok not very original but its a second wave for the original Cave Living Andalucia which began in 2005. An age ago it seems with a vary basic Google blogger as well as very basic knowledge about cave renovation!

Looking back at some of the old posts as they literally happened (once we had internet) many are so old they have become outdated, what was correct then may not be now and there is the odd mention of the exchange rate which we all know has fallen through the floor so ignore the numbers if you look through the archives...

Much has happened in the past 6 years since arriving to our hole in the ground, the start of a business, a new addition to the family a few unforseen disasters as well as some brilliant times here in rural Andalucia which is, ultimately, what we came here for. A life in Spain.

Bringing the blog out of the cobwebs was quite an easy decision, so much has happened in the past few years, we like writing and photography so why not? Part of the revival will be to detail some of the more realistic points of living in rural Spain, schooling, winter weather, business aspects and why we love to live here. Nearly 6 years on since arriving here with a caravan and all our worldy goods we are still here - challenge one acheived. Lets see what else happened along the way and see what the future brings!


villa majorque said...

Hi,I like your post and moreover the pic..

ferienhäuser costa mallorca said...

Awesome post as well as capture.Thanks for sharing such a informative stuff about the caves at Andalusia.

Nick said...

I wish I had caught the blog whilst it was progressing, it would have been an interesting story to follow.
We have cave dwellers down here in Nerja. Most of them seem to be travellers of one kind or another taking up residence in the caves in the river valleys or along the coast. They have no water or electricity, they are just caves, as they have been formed by nature.