Cueva Christmas!

Feliz Navidad
Big thanks to all my visitors over the past couple of months helping to get this weblog off the ground! Have a great festive season. CR.

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Z said...


Just found your blog after reading a comment you left on my blog about the Costa de la Luz. What a great blog, really interesting and informative. I like the way you even add info about finding the perfect door etc - these are things that can be really useful to other Cave owners.

I personally think living in a Cave is a great idea. Yes humans have evolved but why on earth does that mean we cannot use old buildings etc and do them up!? You must save loads of money on heating bills living in a cave - we live in a clunch house in the UK and that retains heat well but it is only 1 and a half foot thick so a cave house must offer the ultimate insulation :-)

Keep up the good work.