2 tier floor

One advantage of renovating a cave is that caves are very versitile, digging out shelves instead of putting them up, digging a wardrobe instead of buying one etc etc. The same can be said for floors too, this room was extended last year and since then just needed the floor finishing off, however the concrete was not quite level enough to lay tiles on top as we had a "bump" in the centre of the floor.


The room was originaly designed as a third bedroom but now plans have changed and it is now an office/study. So for the floor...? Instead of buying screed which is quite expensive we decided to create a floor on 2 levels, this not only breaks up the room but creates a feature a kind of platform.

To do this we laid the floor tiles nearest the door first and then placed bricks to create the step, behind the line of bricks we backfilled the space with around 4" of cement, when the cement dried we removed the bricks and were left with our raised floor. This was tiled and front of the step smooth yeso,d and painted.

waiting for adhesive to dry.....

Total cost €60.00 the tiles were €4.40 per pack (m2) 2 bags of cola/adhesive and 1 sack of cement, total time over 2 days around 5 hours.

todays cave temperature: 21 degrees


DCveR said...

Given enough time you can dig yourself a palace. Great.

cream said...

Well, at least your shelves won't come off the walls! No need for plasterboard plugs!

cave renovator said...

Dcver: thats the plan! watch out I dont end up in Portugal :)

Cream: very true my friend, Stuff your pepper is coming along great btw, thanks for your visit CR

BIGCOL said...

Hngs happen ano there Cr

luv the way you make things happen,and like the way you put down the cost after each projet.

your site keeps giving me ideas,cant wait till May where i can spend the time thinking an doing some of the jobs that you describe


But can you not keep metioning the temp in your cave.

all the best

big col