Andres wants to sell his cave.

Regular readers to this weblog may recall a similar post several months ago detailing this cave for sale, indeed I still maintain a description of this cave on the frontpage of my blog - why? because its fantastic! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting this cave and was given the guided tour - examining every feature it posseses. First of all the photos dont do the cave justice although they are in context (ie: they dont make rooms look bigger than they are)

The cave is BIG and has the added feature of a two storey structure on the outside along with separate laundry room and outside space. It is more than habitable with electrics/water and fantastic access.

Living room

The plan.....



During my visit I noticed several unusual factors, firstly the price - in todays market it is simply good value for money, shove this cave 10km down the road into Galera and expect to pay €150k, thats not to take anything away from where it is. El Margen is ideal - tranquil and with easy access to Baza/Galera/Orce/Cullar/Huescar. Secondly the condition - this cave is in the best condition you are likely to find, the finer details lead you to conclude that a lot of pride has been taken in the property over the years. Thirdly, (and the best bit) the unreformed cave next to it has massive potential, it is unusual in itself due to the fact that you can walk around the whole cave in a circle, with vision this property could be quite special indeed!

Now then, I am no estate agent (nor do I ever want to be) as before this ad is for a good friend. Simply, the cave (s) need to be sold. It is a favourable price, good location/access and all amenities inc business potential with the unreformed cave next door.

Look at other comparible caves and then look at,


Emilio said...

Thanks once again,

cream said...

CR, I've always wanted to be Captain Caveman!
I hope your friend manages to sell it! Looks really good!

cave renovator said...

Emilio: no probs.

Cream: Dont you fancy it for yourself?? :) pics of your "cave" holiday home would look great in your establishments!!!! only joking mate ;)