Bathroom in a cave????

In any cave renovation project two rooms have to be on top of the list, the bathroom (1st) and then the kitchen. In August 2004 the bathroom was an unreformed hole, with pipes laid and a concrete floor we then had a basis to concentrate on cosmetics. The floor was tiled in a hurry I have to admit and with a timescale of "we have to be out of the caravan by the winter" the original floor tiles were laid, grouted and job done...However it was hygienic/cleanable and ok for the time being.

New packs of tiles ready...

Nooks and crannies... a shelf (on the right) dug out for bottles and soaps etc and two shelves made out of olive wood recycled from the initial renovation in 2004

The lighting effect is a roof tile previously carved with a grinder then plastered to the wall. The towel rail is over 100 years old and used to lay horizontal for its main purpose of holding 8 litre glass wine bottles (pic above)

Total cost (exluding plumbing €180)

Concrete floor, yeso, paint, lighting, tiles, bath, taps, sink, pine door - € 508.00

Todays cave temperature: 24 degrees


J&J said...

Recently seen your site and it is amazing. We bought a cave in Fuenta Nueva last year, but we are retiring to live there in July 06. You have provided lots of ideas. Must meet up sometime. J&J.

cream said...

CR, that's absolutely beautiful!
I love the nooks and crannies!
The lighting, wow!
Well done!

cave renovator said...

j&j, which cave in Fuente Nueva did you buy? Glad you like site - see you Orce quite soon! CR

Cream: Thanks, its taken a while to truly get it right! just finished off that pack of tiles 10 minutes ago!

DCveR said...

The outgoing pipes are puzzling me: how do you manage to get those higer than the sewer collector?

cave renovator said...

Dc: the water pipes wernt a problem, the waste pipe though was a nightmare, calculating 77ft on a gradient to the cesspit involved many days measuring and digging