Do caves move?

So do caves move? Yes everything moves with the earth - even conventional houses, the main difference is that a cave has no foundations - it is part of the earth. A cave has a certain tolerance of "flex" when it does move (and we are talking fractions of milimetres) the structure adapts around the movement. The problem is that us humans come in and cover the whole interior with plaster and paint, plaster has no flex and so cracks.... In effect plastering up a cave creates a very thin shell in the interior and will need maintainence little and often.

More Yeso

Coat hangers and key racks, the plaster was removed right back ready for a new coat

Kitchen ceiling, the hairline cracks were obvious here once the plaster had been removed.

and the breakfast bar wall...a stanley knife was used to cut away the final "skim" of yeso assuring no loose plaster - its essential that the new coat gets a good purchase, we left the plaster to dry for 24 hours before painting.

and a good day to be working indoors...Mother Nature decided to water the garden.


DCveR said...

While reading your post I thought of the spring routine in the US, with lots of people doing maintenance to their wooden homes... at least you don't have to worry with termites.

cream said...

CR, you're doing very well! Your cave is taking shape nicely!
Love the coat hangers!

cave renovator said...

Dcver: I know you have spent some time in America I remember the photos. The nearest thing we have to burrowing was an old abandonded fox hole we found when we first began to reform.

Cream:We are nearly done! the coat hangers were free - just almond wood varnished, you know I like rustic and the odd bargain!

DCveR said...

What about mice? In the countryside here there are always lots of mice. They usually stay clear of houses because they can get food easily in the wild, but every now and then a family settles in someone's house. Ever had those "guests"?

cave renovator said...

Dc, what a question that is! and something my better half could tell you lots about.... before we had a new door made there was just the old original door which had a gap at the bottom. In short yes we did have 6 rodent residents one of which found its way into Mrs Cr,s coat - it was a sight to behold. Could have done with your beloved and that shooter! CR