Indoor Lights

Caves are ripe for experimenting with lighting effects, I have seen traditional tile shades (which is mainly what we went for) lighting in the floor, African style etc etc it really is up to your own imagination.

traditional "tile shade" we decided to carve a pattern in this one using a simple grinder with a stone cutting disc.

something more modern too, with a directional beam and operating on a dimmer switch these are in our living room, turn them down for relaxing, turn them up for a cards and cognac night..

Feb 2005 - the last job in the kitchen this 100 year old tile was plastered in and dated - just to remind us!

something different in the bedroom, slabs of old broken wine vat.

and a tile on the ceiling... again a ground in pattern to provide more light and add a finishing touch.

Todays cave temperature: 20 degrees


Stef said...

Thanks for the link! I'd love to come back to Granada when it's sunny to do a lot of sketches, we had such a bad weather last time.
I'll be back to read about the caves, looks very interesting.

DCveR said...

Somehow those tile lamps look much better than the modern one.

cave renovator said...

Stef: no probs! your work is something I could frame -remember the Spanish tapas bar- keep up the good work.

Dc: Straight to the point and soooo right, if only I could it all again....

Stef said...

God yes I remember the tapas bar, one of the best place I've ever been! great food, great people, my girlfriend and I are still taking about it. Are you going there often?

cream said...

CR, it all looks so amazing! What a nice atmosphere your lighting must provide! A bottle of Rosado after a long day, Mmmmmmmmmmm!