Granada City

We have been so busy with the cave renovation over the past 18 months that we have not had time to explore other areas of Andalucia. Some good friends of ours thought that should change and invited us to spend the day at their (fantastic) house. Of course we accepted, a Spanish BBQ, hospitality and a guided tour of Granada....what could be better!

Below are are a handfull of many photos we took last Saturday, the first, when you walk around the corner is a bit of an eye opener...

The views are incredible, the city is full to the brim with history and culture.

Got a spare €1,000000? then you could buy a house like this, it wouldn,t be too difficult to sit on your patio with a morning coffee looking at the view (above)

Big big thanks to our friends in Granada - you know who you are! Muchas Gracias.
All in all it was a fantastic day. We will be going back soon for another this space.


DCveR said...

I promised GH I would take her to visit Alhambra one of these days. She's never been to Granada. Beautiful city, maybe just a tad too hot in the Summer.

sally said...

Wow, I'm jealous!! Never been there yet, though Kate and Ramon have. It's on my list of things to do when Mike is out here again! x

Emilio said...

It was a great day for us, too.

cave renovator said...

Dc: definatly go in the cooler months, your right the city is beautiful.

Sal: you and Mike get yourselves over there, its a great day out - you will love the shops and back streets

Emilio: Thanks again for the guided tour we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Pebbles said...

Yes its lovely - I have been twice and can't wait to go again (I just didn't like the traffic!!). I saw the Alhambra on the first visit and it's amazing but so is the old part with the shops in the narrow streets. Stayed in a very nice Hotel for my 30th.

cream said...

That's a visit I have been promising myself! It all looks so beautiful!
Lucky CR and lucky friends!

Spainblog said...

Yes a visit we would love to make too but like yourselves CR & Mrs CR with the cave renovation and the like we have not got the time right now but we will get there.

Sally good news we bought a new Karaoke rig today so you are ok for the The warbler will be there will bells on and this is our present to you

Van XX

Actually we will bring other things but we thought we would let you know that your music is sorted and we have both english and spanish and german Karaoke.....oh and Rob