Posting to the UK

Sending packages to the UK is something we all need to do from time to time... the fact that some of the cave villages are remote makes no difference to delivery time as generaly everything reaches the Granada main sorting depot within 24 hours.

From the Granada depot your post will travel to Madrid head sorting office where the post will be sorted accordingly, categorised and then placed in crates bound for its destination. Sending letters or small packages weighing under 2kg will normally reach the uk within 5 days although we have posted parcels on a Tuesday and they have arrived more often that not within 48 hours. Good service? Well yes if everything you post is under 2kg, over that be prepared to have to fill in a form and you will need the recipients phone number - the parcel can also be tracked via Parcelforce through the Correos (Spanish post) website.

There are various options available with Spanish post... Economy (10 days) Priority (4-6) days and a service called Express which is very expensive (48 hours) Now then, the UK courier does not recognise "priority" - they claim that any parcel over 2kg can take up to one month to reach a uk address so save your money and simply send it economy as it will get there in the same time.

Conflicting information? Definatley. Spanish post is reliable so do not hesitate to use them but for larger parcels go with a courier. The problem is at the UK end as larger boxes are "accumulated" until ready for dispatch - 4/6 days goes out the window.

Correos Prices: (gbp)

20-50g - 0.89
50 - 100g 1.20
100g - 200g 2.35
200g - 350g 4.53
350g - 1kg 7.31
1kg - 2kg - 12.79


Correos - Spanish Post Good service
Parcelforce Horrendous service
Royal Mail Good, when not on strike


Kate said...

I use the post nearly every day here in Spain and most of the time it is good and reliable but you just get the odd time when the packet takes 3 weeks (a nightmare). I am very aware to keep my parcels under 2kg as my post office wont even take them over!! I have to go into the town. I havent tried courier yet but my experience of them from UK to Spain isnt good. BTW love the you tube video.

MamaDuck said...

Great timing. Thanks for the advice Cave Guru....... so, are you the one sitting gnawing the bone?

Are you guys coming to Madrid sometime soon? Cana?

Keefieboy said...

Dos cañas?