It's a Monster!

Doesnt time fly? It seems like five minutes ago I was posting on this blog about Halloween last year. Well Halloween this year was the usual event for the kids - CR Junior had been carefully watching the pumpkin in the garden for some weeks so picking the monster and carving it out was big event.

So the room was set, kids arrived to some loud scary music booming out of the cave aswell as a few "madre mia's" from the parents. Andalucian fish chowder (beetle and spider soup to the kids) was on the menu and Harry Potter on the DVD.

Great night, pumpkin pride of place on the table and looking the part, pumpkin soup this weekend..!


Kate said...

Me and Ramon were just saying we cant wait until we can have halloween parties for our kids. He said it isnt celebrated in Spain but then driving home app 7pm last night we were suprised to see 3 little monsters running around 'trick or treating'. I think by the time we have kids old enough to celebrate halloween there will be lots of others taking part too!!!!

MamaDuck said...

Wonderful! I thought we might have a flat-warming party that weekend, but it was just too cold on the terrace (up here on the meseta, darlings), and there's only room for us inside! I remember a Hallowe'en party years ago, where we put a low watt bulb in the loo and dangled a black paper bat in there.... heh heh heh... We also put blue food dye in the mashed potato - Blue food is seriously weird, though I can't remember why we had mashed potato at a party, unless it was to hold a load of chipolatas, Desperate Dan style? But I was very proud of the cake: chocolate sponge graveyard cake, with jelly babies poking up from their tombs. One for CR Junior when he's older?!

cave renovator said...

Kate : I think a Spanglish mix would be great for this kind of fiesta/party. Great for the kids and a good excuse for the adults too :-)

Hi Mamaduck! Where have you been hiding..? Love the graveyard cake year for definate!