Cave Office - finishing off

The total cost for the materials was 238.00 euros, that included all the yeso, tile adhesive, floor tiles, paint, bricks and terracotta shelving. The desk units were not cemented but yeso'd in with rapido - strong enough for units that are only ging to be subjected to typing and paperwork.

Cava comes in cases of six, nice untreated wooden boxes so with a good coat of dark varnish, two holes drilled in the front and some ham cord tied through makes for the perfect deep drawer.

Wooden beam above the door varnished in the same colour and carefully painted around with a small brush. A great contrast to the the white paint as seen in most caves, hang the curtain and job's done.

And the finished room with enough room for a sofa. Loads more storage! Biggest problem was the existing internet cable which had to be chipped out of the wall (previously yeso'd through into the now new bedroom) that took some time as we had to be constantly online - damage the cable and a complete disater.

And a champagne book case, more cava boxes used, varnished and yeso'd on top of a brick base. Blending the book case into the corner took some time but by the time the gaps either side were chocked with broken brick, relativly little plaster was used to finish off. Topped with a whisky decanter set...handy for those times of stress!!

Total time was three days for the whole job, 8 hours a day. 24 hours, not complicated just messy.

Unfortunatly the office became an even bigger mess after it was finished...due to the next job, a storage room, floor to ceiling racking, more bricks and of course YESO.


v.dubber said...

Youve been busy again then Mac! Looks FAB.

Cream said...

Great work, CR.
I wish you and your family a happy new year.

Kate said...

Popping round for a nosey the other day has given me inspiration for my craft room and computer room!!!!

Sorry you cant make it to ours tomorrow - hope you feel better soon xxxx