Cave Storage

Once the office was built we had to start on the other side of the partition wall, not as finely finished but it didnt have to be...just neat enough.

Plenty of bricks, no cement.

A friend gave me a tip on yeso mixing - DONT. Contrary in most cases to everything else about yeso on the blog (we live and learn) if you dont mix yeso - even Rapido it doesnt set as quick as is easier to manage as it gives you more time, something the Spanish builders have known since yeso was invented. There is nothing wrong with mixing yeso - depends on the application but for most work just sprinkle it into the water and it will do the rest itself (notice the small "island of yeso powder" in the above pic, thats just about right.)

Shelf Racking, big items are stored elsewhere but a small stock room for smaller items is ideal. Here we used yeso as if it were cement, just clagging the bricks together in all the joins (particularly to the cave wall) smoothed off and painted with plastic paint for easier cleaning.

Just the job, total cost 67 euros

Adios for a short while, catchup time now!

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