I'm Blue..

There has been some recent discussion on the Cave Forum about photography in Andalucia. In my opinion there is never a bad time to get the camera in action - be quick in Spring and Autumn though - they never seem to last that long!

Far from a "pro" I took these snaps the other morning around 11ish using a simple digital camera (Olympus FE 120)

Its Blue...

Wait until mid February when those mountains get dusted with snow. In our old terraced house in the UK the view was...well the next terrace.

I never get tired of the view


Imagemaker said...

Simply stunning CR :o)


sal said...

Great pics, CR. We're heading out soon so you've whetted our appetites nicely. Maybe see you around the fiesta.

Imagemaker said...

P.S. As with everything CR, it's not your equipment but the way you use it;o)

Krimo said...

Great photos, CR.
Looks exactly like the A69 on a good day.

elizabethbriel said...

Beautiful pix. Can't get enough of Spanish blue.

Will visit the blog again sometime to keep up with your cave news.